Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel- light it yourself.

I saw a meme I really liked today…

“I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that b**** up myself”; this is the quote  surmounted to the meme… ha!

For people with Cystic Fibrosis, or at least for me with mine,  I don’t know how much more truth you can tag to such a statement..

I’m 26 now.  I never got my lung function back up to 108% at the end of that month that I said I would. And guess what? It is okay. My most recent lung function rang in at 100%- that was two weeks ago.. Seven to eight more percentage points to go.

How have I been managing? I hold myself accountable to do my afflovest, nebulizers, and exercise every day. I chose to use medical equipment/ engage in habits that compliment what my personality entails; this helps me reach my adherence goals and ultimately, desired pulmonary function test results.

Medical Equipment

Since I was young, I have been an active/ on the go type of person. That being said, seems to make sense for me to have portable equipment! This change has helped me significantly, acquiring the afflovest and battery powered proAir nebulizer. I never knew such items were available, I had to do my own research and ask my doctors for prescriptions, which I obtained.

This portable nebulizer was not the one I wanted, the one I found online, but it was what I was offered- life is not perfect, so I take what I can get and do my best. Here is me with my doggie, Tobi ❤ Now I can do treatments while I play with him outside.



I have been doing less cardio and more lifting/ yoga, though today I did participate in “body attack” at Gold’s Gym which incorporated much cardio. From time to time I will stop in for a cycle class too..

After a personal poll and some thanks to Maxwell McGuire plus Chris Kvam, two friends with Cystic Fibrosis, Body Pump at Gold’s Gyms slowly became a constant/ my favorite class.

Gold’s Gym classes helped me become more organized and reliable regarding work out sessions. I know that everyday I can count on someone to be at the gym, expecting my participation, counting on me to “show up”. I have a hand full or a little more, to choose from for exercise groups, daily: body pump, cycle, body flow, body step, body attack, body combat, Barre, zumba, and of course hot vinyasa yoga. My gym has dedicated instructors here for me, Monday through Sunday, excited to work out with me, and encouraging me to grow. This makes me happy to exercise and easy to comply.

It also helps for me to chat with my friends that have Cystic Fibrosis about my exercise and treatment encounters. We have a special understanding of each other’s goals and how to achieve them/ encourage one another (mostly them encouraging me because I am so new to exacerbations and “climbing up the slope”). Having them here for me is a blessing.


Treatment Adherence

Just as I said before, I needed the right tools to help me stay on track with doing my vest and nebulizing my hypertonic saline, Tobi, and pulmozyme. Now that I have the portable equipment, this is easy. Most often, with my sister on maternity leave, I leave my equipment at work. I do all of my treatments within 8-9 hours. Typically, I just do all of my treatments back to back. This is what works for ME. Maybe not everyone, but for me it does. I like to get it done in the most productive and speedily was as possible, this means, starting early morning with my antibiotics, ending my day with my antibiotic, and doing the hypertonics/pulmozymes/vest sessions in between the antibiotic time. In a perfect world, people would do their Tobi twelve hours apart twice a day; mine is done eight hours apart and my doctor told me that is okay. It is okay because it means it will get done and it will stay getting done in the long run.

In all sincerity, everyone knows that nobody does their treatment perfectly or the way they’re supposed to all of the time… We accept this. I accept it, and I do what works for me.

Follow Up

So, I have been attending the gym daily for a good while now; over a month? Doing all of my treatments… Getting my routine down and challenging myself.. Playing auntie to my newborn baby nephew, Parker ❤ Something I will mention in my next post.

I have a scheduled pulmonary function test and check up for mid April at Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC… We will see what is in store for me!

Keep lighting your tunnel! Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and or whatever else you would like to do.. I am here 🙂 Thanks for reading.

***I also want to thank Tom Nunnally for empathizing with me on my most recent post and starting his blog back up. See Tom’s blog at for his inspiring story.


Morgan Fogle


600 Calorie Starbucks Drinks: How they are healthy :)

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I am 5’1, weighing in between 114 to 116 pounds every three months. Every day, 11 years strong, I drink an extremely high calorie valued Starbucks latte or frappuccino. I do not drink these because I HAVE TO (twist my arm)– I drink these because I LOVE TO!

Here is the secret… be okay with going broke… Just kidding (kind of)!

The real secret is that, my doctor ordered for me to do this every day! Yes… My doctor told me that he expects me to drink the venti decaf salted caramel mocha with whipped cream and caramel drizzle– EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sometimes, even twice a day.

Mochas have positively impacted my health, due to my chronic condition- Cystic Fibrosis. My pancreas is kind of broken; it does not help me break down/ absorb fat like everyone else’s does. Thus, I have a predisposition to fat deficiency :0 …. You want this too, you joke? I understand why! I actually am thrilled to be able to eat what I want/ when I want. lol…. I am allowed to indulge in this aspect of my illness, right?

My high fat diet does come with a price; hypoglycemia bouts and the chance of developing diabetes… No diabetes yet (surprisingly). I have learned to manage my hypoglycemia: when simple sugars just wont do, add PEANUTS, OATS, and CASHEWS TOO

A lot of Cystic Fibrosis patients drink ensure, boost, carnation instant breakfast, and etc.

Here are the nutritional facts to a standard Caffe Mocha, 20 oz: 450 calories, 18g of fat, 55g total carbs, and 17g protein.

*to be noted… this drink^ does not include my preferred fatty whole milk and toffee nut syrup and caramel drizzle (OR WHIPPED CREAM): AKA my real power drink…

Here are the nutritional facts to an ensure high protein serving: 160 calories, 2g of fat, 19g of total carbs, and 16g of protein.

Here are the nutritional facts to a BOOST ORIGINAL: 240 calories, 4g of fat, 41g total carbs, and 10g of protein.

See what I am talking about? This is a significant contribution to my ability to keep weight on. Fat is important. Fat, is my major source of energy- it helps me go to yoga after work when I am tired.. It gives me that extra boost I needed to absorb some vitamins and minerals. It protects my nerves, aids in blood clotting, muscle movement, and inflammation (a too familiar occurrence).

Guess what else that Starbucks drink has for me? Prooteeeinn! I need this protein to help me repair/build damaged lung and intestinal tissues. On the lesser of the priorities, it will encourage my hair to grow back, that is if I find cutting it all off less becoming than anticipated.. Probably unlikely.

Thank you for reading my Starbucks spiel. I will say that what I love most about Starbucks is the people that work there and the company its self. I have always felt *warm and welcomed* in conjunction to anything having to do with Starbucks’ enterprise- wonderful organization.  ❤

Feel free to ask me questions, leave comments, and or anything else 🙂


Morgan A. Fogle