600 Calorie Starbucks Drinks: How they are healthy :)

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I am 5’1, weighing in between 114 to 116 pounds every three months. Every day, 11 years strong, I drink an extremely high calorie valued Starbucks latte or frappuccino. I do not drink these because I HAVE TO (twist my arm)– I drink these because I LOVE TO!

Here is the secret… be okay with going broke… Just kidding (kind of)!

The real secret is that, my doctor ordered for me to do this every day! Yes… My doctor told me that he expects me to drink the venti decaf salted caramel mocha with whipped cream and caramel drizzle– EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sometimes, even twice a day.

Mochas have positively impacted my health, due to my chronic condition- Cystic Fibrosis. My pancreas is kind of broken; it does not help me break down/ absorb fat like everyone else’s does. Thus, I have a predisposition to fat deficiency :0 …. You want this too, you joke? I understand why! I actually am thrilled to be able to eat what I want/ when I want. lol…. I am allowed to indulge in this aspect of my illness, right?

My high fat diet does come with a price; hypoglycemia bouts and the chance of developing diabetes… No diabetes yet (surprisingly). I have learned to manage my hypoglycemia: when simple sugars just wont do, add PEANUTS, OATS, and CASHEWS TOO

A lot of Cystic Fibrosis patients drink ensure, boost, carnation instant breakfast, and etc.

Here are the nutritional facts to a standard Caffe Mocha, 20 oz: 450 calories, 18g of fat, 55g total carbs, and 17g protein.

*to be noted… this drink^ does not include my preferred fatty whole milk and toffee nut syrup and caramel drizzle (OR WHIPPED CREAM): AKA my real power drink…

Here are the nutritional facts to an ensure high protein serving: 160 calories, 2g of fat, 19g of total carbs, and 16g of protein.

Here are the nutritional facts to a BOOST ORIGINAL: 240 calories, 4g of fat, 41g total carbs, and 10g of protein.

See what I am talking about? This is a significant contribution to my ability to keep weight on. Fat is important. Fat, is my major source of energy- it helps me go to yoga after work when I am tired.. It gives me that extra boost I needed to absorb some vitamins and minerals. It protects my nerves, aids in blood clotting, muscle movement, and inflammation (a too familiar occurrence).

Guess what else that Starbucks drink has for me? Prooteeeinn! I need this protein to help me repair/build damaged lung and intestinal tissues. On the lesser of the priorities, it will encourage my hair to grow back, that is if I find cutting it all off less becoming than anticipated.. Probably unlikely.

Thank you for reading my Starbucks spiel. I will say that what I love most about Starbucks is the people that work there and the company its self. I have always felt *warm and welcomed* in conjunction to anything having to do with Starbucks’ enterprise- wonderful organization.  ❤

Feel free to ask me questions, leave comments, and or anything else 🙂


Morgan A. Fogle


10 thoughts on “600 Calorie Starbucks Drinks: How they are healthy :)

  1. Super interesting and informative read. Much respect for the way you’re managing your condition…I immediately related to this when I read the “my pancreas is kind of broken” part (I’ve had type 1 diabetes since age 5.) Be careful with cinnamon (you didn’t mention it, but I know studies have linked it to hypoglycemia and it’s a relevant ingredient to Starbucks-esque delicacies.) It’s actually beneficial for diabetics in some cases for balancing glucose levels, but your case is not the same. How often do you experience hypoglycemia? Fingers crossed for you that you never have to worry about it, but you sound disciplined and certainly have done your research, so I’m not sure if diabetes would be any match for you. Great read…glad I stumbled upon this!


    1. Thank you Tom! I had no idea about the Cinnamon bit– I’ll be careful 🙂 the cinnamon dolce lattes, when in season, are pretty good.. I used to experience hypoglycemia frequently, it started about 2-3 years ago but since I have had some time, I got a good handle on it. Now and then it creeps up on me, I just eat some simple and complex sugars when it drops and wait about 15 minutes.


    1. Both! When I first developed hypoglycemia, I frequently checked my sugars. They would fall into the 50s, once it may have been as low as 48.. I haven’t had low sugar in some time- I strictly manage my diet, but if I do start to drop in my sugars I can feel it. I have symptoms like weakness, shaking, and lightheadedness– not fun!!


      1. I had no idea CF went into that kind of territory so I still find this fascinating. So you know all about the struggle! I think my lowest over my 26 year diabetic career was 19. My family had to call 911, I got jabbed in the butt by a stranger with Glucagon to snap me out of it, etc. Love telling that story, let me tell you lol. If you’re familiar with the Def Leppard “Pour some sugar on me” song… It was basically that. Props for being able to manage it so well; it’s a balancing act for sure!

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      2. Unfortunately, CF goes into very many territories. 😦
        That sounds like a very scary low! Do you have your condition under good control now? And thank you- it took me almost two years, but here I am!


      3. Heh I woke up with strangers (paramedics) looking at me while I was in my underwear, covered in sugar…scary is the correct word lol. But yeah, 19 made my whole body feel like jello.

        My A1-C hovers around 6.5 these days, which is not far from what non-diabetics average. It’s kind of a rollercoaster; stress and hormones actually influence it a great deal. It tends to be a constant struggle. I don’t know many people who relate that I really get a chance to talk to about it.

        That’s why your post really resonated with me. It was informative, sure, but you come across happier than most people I know who don’t have a condition or disease, which was really powerful and inspiring. It made me question what “good control” really is. Whether I’m as active as I could be, whether I eat as healthy as I could. Most of all, whether I’m making the most out of life regardless of my condition.

        I hope you continue writing and sharing your thoughts. Your writing is addictive and engaging (English Major over here.) Sorry if I am nerding out, but I guess you weren’t the only one! I’d love to hear more about your story if you ever feel like making your daily Starbucks trip a co-operative mission.

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  2. That’s assuming I’m correct that you’re from the CC area…? Wasn’t sure (didn’t even realize you were from MD or see you tagged this with MD on first glimpse.)

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      1. I was trying to explain to someone the specifics of diabetes in relation to the pancreas. So I was Googling variations of those terms, couldn’t sleep, and fell down an internet rabbit hole lol. Your blog popped up eventually. I saw a Morgan pop up in my “People you may know” list like a week later and thought “wait a minute…” I double checked the blog and saw the MD tag. I was really tired at the time and hadn’t pondered where the writer was from initially; I was just compelled to leave a comment when I first read it.

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